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5 Signs Your Company May Need More Bandwidth

A fast, secure Internet connection is crucial to your day-to-day business operations. Your Internet needs to meet your current business needs as well as prepare you for the future as those needs change and grow. At WIN, we have experienced a nearly 50 percent increase in demand for bandwidth this past year. With employees continuing to work from home, and the increased use of streaming video, collaboration tools and conferencing software, it’s no surprise.

If you are experiencing or anticipating any of the following scenarios, it is likely time to look at increasing your bandwidth.

  • Lower employee productivity due to outages and slow Internet speeds. For organizations with larger staffs, as more and more of your employees get online throughout the day, a strain is placed on the network. If your employees frequently need to download HD videos or edit large files, this requires even more data.
  • Data center upgrades. If you have plans to modernize your data center to accommodate recent technologies, you will need to accommodate for increased traffic growth and spikes.
  • Increased cloud storage/moving off-prem. If you are moving data-intensive applications off-premise, you still want the same performance you’ve expected from them within your own network. A higher bandwidth will avoid transmission delays or interruptions.
  • Delays when using SaaS and online collaboration tools. Companies are increasingly embracing online collaboration tools, and with employees working from home, the use of these technologies continues to grow. Many of these tools require more bandwidth, and the more users accessing them, the greater the network demand. If your remote employees are experiencing delays, you may need more bandwidth.
  • Anticipated business growth. If your company is growing and expanding your staff or operations, or undergoing a merger or acquisition, you will likely see a spike in Internet use. Increasing your bandwidth in anticipation of the increased demand will create a smooth growth trajectory for your organization.

If you suspect you need to increase your bandwidth, WIN can help. WIN Internet is designed for resiliency and built over the WIN fiber network. Inter-router links are over-engineered to be non-blocking and capable of handling high traffic spikes to ensure your business continuity. Contact us for a free consultation.