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Who We Are

WIN Technology is a Technology Solutions Provider.

We are the only technology solutions provider that owns and operates a network across the upper Midwest. Founded in 1997, we are unique in being owned by 31 independent Telcos in Wisconsin. However, we’ve expanded across the Midwest owning and operating over 20,000 miles of fiber while providing IT Services to organizations across Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois and Michigan. We’ve transformed into becoming a recognized Technology Infrastructure Solutions Provider.


Why We Do What We Do

Connections Matter. We aim to connect people to information​, businesses to businesses, doctors and patients to lifesaving technologies​, towers to switches​, people to people, and others to our communities.​

Our Mission

Ensure the long-term survivability, adaptability, and growth of our member partner Telco subsidiaries and to better serve our existing and new customers. ​ 

Our Vision

Leverage our digital infrastructure to deliver life-enhancing, mission-critical services to our Members, customers, employees, and the communities we live in. ​ 

Our Values

Our culture and how we conduct ourselves is embodied within 29 principles that guide us on a daily basis. These WIN Ways are something we speak about weekly in company meetings, embrace within our daily conversations, and most importantly, demonstrate when we show up in front of our clients and communities. 



Since 1997, WIN, LLC (d/b/a WIN Technology) has served the Upper Midwest with cutting-edge technology solutions. Small and medium businesses, large enterprises, and technology companies count on WIN to be their network, data center, and IT services partner.

WIN formed and first organizational meeting



Airstream Member network formed


Network growth begins


Fiber path from Minneapolis to Chicago


WIN revenue milestone


Data Center diversification


WIN Network Operating Center fully in-house




WIN IT Services acquisition


Illinois Network growth


US Bank Stadium presence


Iowa Network growth


IT Services expansion


Technology Infrastructure transformation


How you experience us is a reflection of our brand and brand promise.

We believe that our tone will showcase the attributes we demonstrate to clients through our interactions:

  • Knowledgeable, stable, collected and reliable  
  • Professional and loyal 
  • Welcoming, bright and refreshing 
  • Exciting and unique 
  • Growth and community oriented 
  • Warm, friendly and inviting 

Even our palette is intentional connecting each of our WIN Ways to the colors that make up our look and feel in this website. Because connections matter. 

Explore how WIN Technology can help your organization through the technology infrastructure services and solutions WIN provides. 


Supporting the  community in which we live and work is part of our culture

Our employees volunteer in all kinds of ways, from stocking shelves at the local food bank, to teaching students about engineering and surveying, to picking up trash along streams and roadways, to raising money for charitable organizations. We are honored and privileged to roll up our sleeves and offer our time, talents, hearts and minds to help support our local communities and their needs.