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Network Management (LAN)

What is Network Management?

Network Management is comprised of the administration of hardware, software, security and backups for LAN network equipment. With Network Management, a Managed Services Provider monitors and manages network devices and their throughput to enable a secure, reliable and high-performing network.

Network Management from WIN includes:

  • Network Administration. Configure changes and provision network infrastructure including bandwidth, end-user devices, IoT devices, applications and data.
  • Network Maintenance. Fix network issues as they occur and upgrade the software and hardware vital for the continued operation of the network, including routers, switches, access points and firewalls.
  • Network Performance Monitoring. Proactive monitoring to gather network data, identify developing issues, trends and risks to ensure optimal network performance.
  • Address network vulnerabilities. Monitor the network for signs of potential threats and implement solutions like NextGen firewalls to help mitigate and potentially prevent security risks.  
  • Enhanced Network Security. Implement security measures including network segmentation, restrictive traffic policies, and the enforcement of multifactor authentication.
  • IP address management. Maintain a list of unavailable and available IP addresses for devices that reside on the company network.
  • Network Backup. Ensure that network device configurations are backed up so that services can be restored as quickly as possible in the event of a failure.
  • Network Design and Implementation. Customize solutions according to your unique needs.
  • Setting Network Access Controls. Regulate how edge devices and cloud applications access data via the network.
  • Remote Support. Maintain network hardware and software 24 hours a day during the week. In addition, an IT professional is on call to provide emergency weekend support.
  • Reporting. Receive reports on network performance that include information about notifications and alarms, data gathered during the monitoring process, the results of additional checks, trouble reports, and management of IP addresses.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Network Management can include enhanced security measures, and your Managed Services Provider can work in tandem with your security and compliance team to implement security controls that align with industry standards to help your organization meet compliance requirements for your network. 

Outsourcing Network Management to a Managed Services Provider offers advantages including reduced operational costs, enhanced cybersecurity, access to network expertise, 24x7x365 proactive monitoring, ability to scale with growth, and optimized network performance. 

Yes, the right Managed Services Provider will collaborate with you and provide transparent communication. They can work with you to design a solution to address your unique needs, and ensure you retain control over strategic decisions while they take care of everyday operational tasks.  

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Working With Us

What to expect from a strategic partnership with WIN Technology

Understanding Fit

Our process is collaborative from the start. As we discuss your expectations, we communicate openly, and we keep the promises we make.

Understanding Needs

Through our discovery process, we seek to build an accurate understanding of your needs so that a sound and mutually understandable promise can be made.

Right-Sizing the Effort

The elements of your proposal are refined as your needs become clear. This ensures alignment on the anticipated value of what we commit to deliver to you.

Proving Competency

As we engage in the project, we monitor and discuss status, performance, changes and improvements through our established delivery and communication practices. 

Partnering for the Future

Throughout our partnership, as we keep the promises we have made to you, we enrich the value of services with a continuous focus on practical next steps.