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Business Continuity Assessment

What is a Business Continuity Assessment?

Disruptions due to natural disasters, cybersecurity attacks and other technical or human hazards can be devastating to an organization. A Business Continuity (BC) Assessment assesses an organization’s current business continuity efforts and scores them using a six-level maturity model. Following the assessment, organizations receive a detailed report, executive summary and meet with a Certified Business Continuity Plan (BCP) Professional to discuss BC findings and identify areas of improvement. 

WIN’s BC Advisory Service is designed to help organizations identify gaps in their business continuity efforts and be better prepared for potential disruptions to their business operations. 

Key components of the Business Continuity Assessment from WIN measure:

  • Program Initiation & Management 
  • Risk Assessment 
  • Business Impact Analysis 
  • Business Continuity Strategies  
  • Incident Response 
  • Plan Development & Implementation 
  • Awareness & Training Programs 
  • Business Continuity Plan Exercise, Assessment & Maintenance 
  • Crisis Communication 
  • Coordination with External Agencies 

Business Continuity Assessment deliverables include:

  • A detailed report and executive support of key BC findings
  • A meeting with a Certified BCP Professional to prioritize findings and identify areas of focus
  • Recommendations for areas to improve current BC maturity scores within target focus areas


Frequently Asked Questions

Maturity models assist with understanding the level of capabilities and competencies ranging from non-existent to optimized. It’s a powerful way to understand where your organization sits in the range and how to think about what each next step of maturity may involve. It’s a non-judgmental method to describe where you are and make some prioritized decisions about where you may want to improve. 

Common pitfalls include failing to update the plan regularly, not testing the plan adequately, overlooking communication strategies, neglecting the training of employees, and underestimating the resources needed to execute the plan effectively. 

Regular testing and exercises, coupled with thorough training of personnel, are essential to ensure the effectiveness of a business continuity plan. It is recommended to test and review your business continuity plan at least annually or whenever significant changes occur in your organization that could affect your ability to respond to a crisis. After each test or real-life disruption, review and revise the plan to address any shortcomings or changes in the business environment. 

The BC Assessment should be a cross-functional effort involving representatives from all key areas of the organization, including executive leadership, IT, human resources, operations, finance, and any other critical departments. This ensures that the plan comprehensively addresses the needs and functions of the entire organization. 

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