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Network Engineering

What is Network Engineering?

WAN (Wide Area Network) network engineering is the design, implementation and management of networks across geographical locations. WAN networks connect multiple Local Area Networks (LANs) and devices across offices, branches and data centers. 

Key components of WAN Network Engineering include: 

  • Network Design: Determines the most cost effective and efficient way to connect locations. This includes selecting the best network equipment and the appropriate topology.
  • Quality of Service (QoS): Leverages mechanisms to prioritize critical applications over non-essential traffic to maintain optimal performance of time-sensitive applications.
  • Security: Measures like firewalls, VPN’s, access controls and encryption are deployed to protect data as it travels the network. 
  • Redundancy and Availability: Designs failover mechanisms, backup connections and other measures to ensure operations can continue even in the face of a failover.


Frequently Asked Questions

A network engineer can work with you to determine if your existing infrastructure can be integrated with your new WAN solution. 

WAN network engineering can address challenges including unreliable bandwidth, slow application performance, and security vulnerabilities.  

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