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What is SD-WAN?

SD-WAN (software-defined wide area network) is a technology that uses software to manage and optimize the performance of wide area networks by securely connecting users between various locations, prioritizing applications, and simplifying network configuration management.

SD-WAN tiers from WIN includes:


  • Multiplexed VPN routing and forwarding: Implement sets of rules that determine where data is directed as it travels over an Internet Protocol (IP) network 
  • Flexible Connection Options: Route network traffic over multiple channels (MPLS, broadband and LTE) 
  • Consistent Policy Application: Control when applications are used on the network and who can use them 


All of the Essentials plus…
  • Data Analytics and Visibility: View network performance analytics and events in real time to help troubleshoot performance issues 
  • End-to-end Micro-segmentation: Deploy security policies and separate workloads using virtual network technology instead of installing physical firewalls 
  • Application-aware Routing: Decide which applications should use what WAN connection and apply failover to ensure business critical applications always use the optimal path 
  • Cloud/Multi-Cloud Ready: Utilize multiple cloud services or features from different providers to meet your organization’s needs 
  • Enhanced Security: Select multiple security features to protect the entire virtual WAN infrastructure 


Frequently Asked Questions

SD-WAN dynamically routes traffic based on real-time conditions, such as available bandwidth or network latency, packet loss or jitter, and uses central management to control and prioritize network traffic that travels to and from multiple locations. 

The advantages of SD-WAN can include improved network performance, increased security, simplified network management, and optimized costs. SD-WAN also adapts to network conditions that occur every day, that the traditional static routing behavior wasn’t designed to adapt to. 

SD-WAN includes failover mechanisms that automatically switch traffic to a backup connection, such as LTE, in the event of an outage. Your managed services provider can also provide proactive monitoring and troubleshooting to address any issues that may arise.  

Yes. In addition to encrypting the network traffic, SD-WAN includes Next-Gen firewall capabilities such as intrusion detection and prevention. 

Many people think that SD-WAN is difficult to implement, but with the right expertise, SD-WAN implementation can be simple and direct. Another misperception is the belief that SD-WAN will provide instant cost savings. Oftentimes there is an extended ROI, after the initial investment in new infrastructure, before your organization begins to see the cost savings that SD-WAN provides.  

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