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Dark Fiber

What is Dark Fiber?

Also known as unlit fiber, dark fiber refers to fiber optic cable that has been laid underground and does not have data transmitting on the fiber strands. It is generally used for telecom and network communications. Organizations can lease dark fiber, and this will give them ultimate control over the protocols and equipment used for their network connectivity.  Dark fiber can be an appealing solution for businesses or service providers that want to expand their network capacity without having to lay new cables.  

Dark Fiber from WIN includes:  

  • Exclusive lease of specific fibers within our fiber cable 
  • OTDR (optical time domain reflectometer) testing prior to execution to ensure integrity of the cable  
  • Option to execute the use of fiber through a WIN Data Center 
  • Maintain the leased fiber and perform regular inspections 
  • Our Network Operations Center will monitor cables for any failures, interruptions or outages and quickly respond and resolve issues.  

View a more comprehensive description of our dark fiber services.


Frequently Asked Questions

Dark fiber providers, network maps, and industry associations could help you find potential routes.  

Many organizations don’t have the in-house expertise to manage and light the fiber. There could also be higher initial costs, although there could be long-term cost savings.  

Lit fiber is actively transmitting data and is managed by a service provider. Dark fiber is unlit and can be leased to organizations for them to manage and light. 

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