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Optical Wavelengths

What are Optical Wavelengths?

Optical Wavelengths are high capacity point-to point optical networks that can range from 10Gbps up to 400 Gbps. Wavelengths are leased by a business and managed by a network provider.

The network provider uses Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) to combine data signals from various sources over a pair of optical fibers and utilizes different light wavelengths to completely separate the data streams. This technology allows multiple data signals to be transmitted simultaneously over a single optical fiber using different light wavelengths. In simpler terms, think of DWDM as a superhighway for data where each “lane” carries its own stream of information. 

With Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing, businesses can significantly increase their network capacity, enabling faster data transmission and improved performance. 


Frequently Asked Questions

There are industry standards that provide the technical specifications for the frequency used in DWDM systems so that vendors will interoperate at a physical light level.

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