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Choosing a Network Provider for Your Manufacturing Company? Five Reasons You Need a Partner, Not a Vendor

Any network provider can provide cost estimates, but it takes a proven industry expert to partner with you and leverage the Internet of Things to expand your bandwidth and improve your ROI.  

The right provider goes beyond just the ability to scale successfully. Because skilled technical staffing is in tight supply, the company you work with will have a measurable impact on your company’s performance and digital transformation. In fact, according to McKinsey, the lack of on-hand expertise can kill digital transformation efforts before they begin.   

“Inadequate knowledge of digital capabilities and a lack of organizational talent can prevent broader buy-in and properly scaled transformative efforts.” 
-McKinsey, Transforming Advanced Manufacturing Through Industry 4.0 

Here are five reasons why you need more than just a vendor when selecting a manufacturing network provider:

  1. You need a high level of support. A recent McKinsey survey of 800 businesses across the globe concluded that a lack of support from partners is among the top three obstacles an organization faces in its transformation. According to the survey’s report, Transforming Advanced Manufacturing Through Industry 4.0, “Technology roadblocks commonly include low support from partners in scaling deployment while facing multiple platform choices, which hinders an organization’s ability to move quickly into new territory.”
  2. Fiber networks are not built, designed, or operated alike. Look for an ISP partner with a network that works best for you. They should be able to show you exactly where their network paths run, how many different points of entry are available and other crucial details.  
  3. You need to work with someone committed to meeting your specific network needs. Big, national network providers are less likely to provide personalized solutions to match your needs or business goals. Regional providers will work hard to earn and keep your business, often bringing value-added solutions like dedicated, long-term employees, and greater access to technical and engineering support. 
  4. If you have limited resources, it creates unique needs. If you don’t have a large IT staff, you need a partner who can offer comprehensive Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and take the time to create solutions that solve problems and produce ROI. 
  5. You need a partner with a proven ability to solve the challenges of today and tomorrow. Solving today’s problem is expected, but what about when things change in six months? Companies are facing too much change to suffer a revolving door of account reps. Find an ISP partner who’s there for the long haul, designing your solution for today and creating a technology roadmap so you can be ready for the future.

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