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Healthcare IT: Poor Connectivity is Crippling Performance

Here’s How to Cure It

Maintaining uptime is critical to ensure high-quality patient care – especially as more medical devices and digital applications come on to the network. 

Healthcare facilities now lose over $200,000 due to unplanned outages. Network congestion and unplanned outages render healthcare applications useless, bring clinical operations to a halt, and negatively impact patient care.  

Most healthcare networks suffer from insufficient connectivity, and many are tied to multiple legacy management systems. There’s no easy way to quickly adjust to bandwidth fluctuations – like when there’s a mass casualty event and bandwidth intensive application use skyrockets, or after hours at a physician’s office when those apps power down for the night. These issues can increase reputational risk and lead to legal problems. The Healthcare sector needs to remain focused on a high level of secure, reliable network connectivity, and “always on” communication.   

SD-WAN: A Healthy Solution

SD-WAN could be a good option for healthcare facilities to stay up-to-speed with the current digital transformation. 

What is SD-WAN?

You may have heard about SD-WAN, but maybe you don’t know exactly what it is or why it was developed. A Software-defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) is a virtual network that leverages any combination of transport services to securely connect users to applications.   

It can send data between various locations; for example, remote branches, data centers, cloud instances, and the devices of employees working from home. In short, SD-WAN can meet your business needs faster and more effectively.  

More than ever, healthcare organizations of all sizes are turning to enterprise-grade SD-WAN technology. It delivers internet-based networking to solve their WAN architecture challenges, and it simplifies how businesses provision and manage networks across several locations. 

What are some specific benefits of SD-WAN?   

Enhanced Patient and Employee Experience

SD-WAN helps ensure a positive patient and employee experience by keeping your online services available and performing responsively. It also reinforces outstanding patient care by providing your employees with systems that consistently deliver optimal performance.

Stronger Technical Leadership  

It delivers resilient and responsive infrastructure to improve patient and employee experience as well as growth. It improves system performance and further supports digital transformation.

Improved Financial Performance

SD-WAN gives you the ability to increase profitability by optimizing systems for better performance and ROI.

Case Study: How WIN helped achieve a healthy outcome for a private clinic in Wisconsin  

The clinic was experiencing an unstable network, unreliable IT support, network outages and an insecure environment and WIN helped improve IT support, network security and operations. Learn more in our blog post. 

More benefits of SD-WAN over WAN  

The right SD-WAN platform can provide 10 times the bandwidth at half the cost. WAN is prone to faults, but SD-WAN is designed for failover and chooses the best path every time. In addition, SD-WAN improves productivity, speeds performance and ensures a more resilient network. 

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