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How Can Fiber Route Redundancy Protect Against Downtime?

Fiber cuts, equipment failures, system congestion and other major system issues can create network outages and downtime. Downtime is much more than just an inconvenience. It creates hard dollar losses. Just take a look at some recent stats on downtime costs from Network World:

  • In 2022, 25% of organizations suffering network outages said their most recent outage cost more than $1 million.
  • The average cost per minute of network downtime is $5,600 or $336,000 per hour.

There is a solution to protect your organization from downtime – fiber route redundancy.

What is fiber route redundancy? 

If a fiber route experiences a failure, fiber route redundancy allows your network, and internet connectivity to remain in service by providing diverse communications paths.

Fiber route redundancy is made possible by utilizing optical cable engineering (the process of designing and implementing multiple fiber paths within a network). With redundant routes in place, if one fiber route fails, network traffic can seamlessly travel through alternate pathways without downtime.

What is the purpose of the redundancy plan? 

Fiber route redundancy creates a safety net so that if something were to happen to the primary fiber cable the network service is not interrupted.

Key advantages and features of fiber route redundancy: 

Redundancy increases network resilience, delivers faster recovery times, and optimizes network performance.

Where is redundancy recommended in network planning? 

Network redundancy can be applied to servers, networks and internet connectivity. Doing so is recommended to ensure that your network, servers, and internet connectivity remain in service despite a failure with various communication links or devices by providing alternative communications paths and backup equipment.

Don’t wait for fiber route redundancy to go from “nice to have” to “wish we had”  

Fiber network redundancy is rarely considered until suddenly it is a huge issue due to a network outage. You can stay ahead of the curve with WIN Technology, as we have the tools to identify where you are carrying risk and make changes to your IT infrastructure before it’s too late.

To find out more, talk to a WIN Specialist today!