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WIN Service Delivery: Connecting Customers to the WIN Network  

Connections matter. Here at WIN, our wholly owned fiber optic network connects our customers and Midwest communities to the globe. In other words, we connect communities to the people, organizations, and technology infrastructure that matter to them most. 

The WIN Service Delivery team is an essential part of the WIN network. The team’s consistent communication, regular check-ins, and project management are essential to keep everyone on task and connect our network to the end user. 

What is Service Delivery? 

Service delivery is just that, the delivery of services from a business to a customer. To ensure our life-enhancing services reach the customer, the service delivery team connects all of the dots and departments within WIN.  As each department helps deliver services through their specific job functions, service delivery works to ensure the service meets agreed-upon standards. Additionally, service delivery is the primary point of contact for customers, and the team who helps resolve any issues that arise.  

“Think Team First”  

“Think team first” is one of WIN’s core principles and one that service delivery practices daily. As a team, they work together to achieve a common goal — to bring the very best services to our customers. However, the WIN middle mile would be unable to connect hospitals to their patients, manufactures to their customers, banks to their clients, and school districts to their students, if it were not for the many other departments within WIN.  

Here are a few examples to demonstrate:  

  • The network engineering team is the mastermind behind our custom network solutions. The engineers are often the ones service delivery goes to for answers when a customer has questions about their network solution.  
  • The Network Operations Center (NOC) is the first line of support for the WIN network. If any issues arise, the NOC team helps service delivery understand the impact of the network event and how it might impact customers.  
  • WIN field technicians work with service delivery to schedule site walks and travel to customer locations to turn up new circuits.  
  • Outside plant engineers work with service delivery to ensure that the physical equipment and network infrastructure is implemented correctly, on time, and with as little disruption to the environment as possible.  

What Makes WIN’s Service Delivery Team Special? 

Here at WIN, we pride ourselves on providing quality solutions and exceptional customer service for our customers. As a team, service delivery embodies a culture of openness and camaraderie. They support each other, cover for one another, and openly communicate. Each team member’s unique set of strengths and skills is ultimately what makes them stronger together than apart – and ensures the success of WIN customers.  While each Service Delivery Specialist has their own area of expertise, they also cross-train within the team to help fill gaps when needed to ensure every customer is properly cared for.  

Bringing Departments Together for the Common Good of the Customer 

Service delivery breaks down silos by working with departments throughout the organization every day. They work in and create new teams every week, connecting WIN’s services to customers and customers to their communities. When a customer has a question about the service being provided for them, service delivery connects them to the person who can best answer their question. 

Service delivery is a team that wears many different hats. Whatever role is needed to succeed, they take it on. By removing personal ego and putting the needs of the team over personal success, they work together to connect customers to the WIN middle mile.  

Ready to Learn More?  

Constructing middle mile networks in rural areas and providing the highest quality of service to end users is the reason we are consistently rated as the middle mile partner of choice throughout our service territory. Learn more about middle mile networks or contact us.