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A Fair Tradition

“Make a difference” is one of our “WIN Ways” and one that Chelsea feels is an important contribution to the community. One way that she likes to make a difference is by volunteering at the Eau Claire County Fair each year.

Chelsea Hestekin, a WIN employee, volunteers with the 4H club, the livestock project, helping in the swine barn, and running food stands all on the fairgrounds. Chelsea highlights how the Eau Claire County Fair is one of the only non-profit fairs in our region. The fair is completely run by volunteers and sponsors from local businesses, making it a great opportunity to get involved in the community.

The fair first took place in 1924 and is still a cherished part of the Eau Claire community today. ”As a youth in Eau Claire County, I joined 4H and started showing my projects and animals at this fair. Now years later as an alumni, my kids are exhibitors at the same fair,” said Chelsea. Her children are the 4th generation to show at the fair, which inspires here to give back to the youth and encourage and positive development.