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Campaigning for the Community

This year, WIN participated in the United Way Campaign by giving employees several opportunities to raise money for their cause. All funds were donated directly to United Way to support their efforts in making meaningful change in the Chippewa Valley by providing resources to advance the common good. The fundraising opportunities that took place at WIN included an employee led bake sale, multiple raffle opportunities, and the option to contribute funds through payroll deduction.

Our team had fun donating and purchasing over 100 homemade goods at the bake sale, which were entirely sold out by the end of the day. In addition to the bake sale, there were four raffle baskets that could be won by purchasing tickets. Overall, WIN raised a total of $13,380 for United Way over the course of 2 weeks. These funds will greatly benefit Chippewa Valley communities through their support in education, health, financial stability, and providing necessities for those in need.