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Honoring Veterans & Inspiring the Next Generation 

There was a lot of fun happening at the WIN data center one recent November afternoon. In honor of Veterans Day, a group of military veterans from WIN hosted an event for 90 fourth and fifth grade students.  

The event provided students with an opportunity to learn about network technology and the military. When the students arrived, our Senior Network Operations Center Manager, Ricky Lucky Smith, welcomed the students and introduced them to the other veterans in the room. Students were then divided into groups to rotate through each of four activities. 

Activities included an army fitness test, show-and-tell of military gear, network games and a data center tour.  

The army fitness test had students excited to show off their strength by doing planks, sit-ups and push-ups before sprinting across the room.  

For the show-and-tell activity, a few of WIN’s military veterans brought in some of their military uniforms and gear for students to try on and observe. Our veterans had the opportunity to share about the work they did while in the military and how those experiences helped them transition back to civilian life and into a career at WIN. By the end of the activity, the students were standing in formation and practicing military maneuvers. 

The data center tour gave students a glimpse into the technology that makes the internet work and gives them access to their video games.  

The network games used activities like Plinko and foam axe throwing to help students understand networking concepts like protecting the network from bad actors.  

With all four activities going on at once, the event was full of energy and excitement. To all our veterans, thank you for your service and dedication. We are honored to work among so many here at WIN.