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Inspiring Future Engineers

In March of 2023, WIN’s Network Engineers got the opportunity to help with The Engineering Machine Design Contest held at a local High School. The contest consisted of 24 teams from ten different schools competing to design and build machines. Participating students were encouraged to use everyday objects to create functional machines in an effort to help foster their creativity and design skills. WIN’s own engineers took part in judging the competition, alongside several other organizations from around the area. They were asked to judge and score each team based on a variety of components, such as their introduction, the presentation of their creation, and its functionality,   

Derek Muck, a Network Strategy Engineer at WIN, explained that “the best part was seeing how passionate these kids were about their machines and what they built. Some were shy at first but once you got them talking about their machine and asking some questions about it you could really see their face light up.” The event offers extensive educational value to students, benefiting them not only their engineering skills, but also their ability to be creative and confidently present their work. This event lines up closely with our WIN Way “keep things fun,” as the students demonstrated how you can enjoy the work you do while having pride and a passion for it.