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Little Moments Make Big Impacts


In February, a few members of the WIN team used some volunteer time off (VTO) to put together lesson plans for the Girls on the Run Chippewa Valley’s upcoming season. After counting out hundreds of lesson plans, assembling paper crafts, and gathering fun items like balls and balloons, 260 lesson plans were ready to be sent to schools throughout the local community!

Since its founding in 2006, Girls on the Run Chippewa Valley has impacted over 10,000 girls through teaching them important life skills and empowering them to build healthy physical and mental habits. Our team was happy to make a difference (That’s WIN Way #28!) by saving their small volunteer team multiple days’ worth of time and effort. Not only did it make the lives of the volunteers easier, but it will go on to make a life-long impact on the lives of all the girls who participate in this year’s season!