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Salvation Army and Toys for Tots

Part of the holiday season for us is hearing those bells ringing outside of stores for the Salvation Army. With this thought “ringing” in our minds, a group of employees from WIN brought some joyous spirit as they rang the bells outside an area grocery store.

For a number of years, WIN Technology has sponsored children through the Christmas is for Children organization to help ensure that this time of year was special for a little boy or girl. WIN employees also gathered up toys for many boys and girls as well for Toys for Tots. Using lists of what kids are hoping for, our employees “shopped” the Toys for Tots warehouse to gather a number of presents that were opened on the holiday. “Christmas has always been a special time for me. I love the entire spirit of that cheer with helping many people within the community. It makes it extra special this year,” said Jen Bremness, a WIN Technology employee and volunteer.

This past year, WIN employees also had the opportunity to help organize donated toys before they were ready to “shop” for. By the end of the day, shelves were stocked full, including several over flow piles of varying toy categories. With the help of WIN and other volunteer groups throughout the community, the Salvation Army was able to gift toys to over 400 families this year.