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WIN: Certified Great Place to Work

WIN Technology values its employees and is intentional about fostering a work environment where employees feel valued and desire to work long term. To help our employees thrive and our clients receive excellent customer service every day, WIN embarked on an effort to learn from its employees as to why they choose to work at WIN. 

Through a multi-step employee engagement effort, WIN surveyed and interviewed employees to learn what they liked most about working at the company and what they would like to see changed. This engagement effort culminated in our completion of the Great Place to Work Trust Index Employee Survey. 

The core of the Great Place to Work Employee Trust Index is the employee. Each employee assesses their colleagues, management, and their job – through five focused categories: Fairness, Credibility, Respect, Pride, and Camaraderie.  

The Trust Index measures employee engagement by assessing the employees’ opinions, attitudes and perceptions, analyzes the level of trust between management and employees, assesses the level of pride in the work that the employees do, and rates the amount of camaraderie among colleagues.  

To be certified as a Great Place to Work the aggregate of all the employee responses must yield at least an 80% on the Employee Trust Index.  

While WIN is known to be an exceptional employer in the West Central Wisconsin business community, we are proud to officially be a certified Great Place to Work with an aggregate employee response of 93% on the Employee Trust Index. 

Some highlights of the survey include:

  • 97% of employees feel welcome and have fun at work  
  • 96% of employees feel empowered and are given responsibility
  • 96% of employees believe management is competent at running the business

Learn more about WIN’s Great Place to Work Certification here.