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WIN’s 2023 Day of Giving Back 

Make a difference is one of the WIN Ways we regularly put into practice here at WIN. During the 2023 all-staff retreat, the WIN team gave back to the Eau Claire community by volunteering a couple hours of their time. Together, over 100 WIN employees worked with nine organizations in the Eau Claire area to clean equipment, package food, remove trash from a stretch of highway, organize materials, perform grounds work and more. That’s over 200 hours of volunteer work! 

The organizations our team worked with included: 

  • Big Brothers Big Sisters 
  • Children’s Museum of Eau Claire 
  • Eau Claire Parks and Recreation  
  • Feed My People 
  • Hope Gospel 
  • Junior Achievement 
  • WIN’s Sponsored Highway 
  • YMCA 
  • YMCA Sports Center 

The Big Brothers Big Sisters team split into two groups. One group worked indoors helping to prepare some letters for mailing. Outdoors, the second group enjoyed the beautiful weather by helping to clean up their flower beds.  

At the Children’s Museum, the WIN team had fun deep cleaning some of the exhibits throughout the building.  

About 50 WIN employees helped Eau Claire Parks and Recreation clear brush away from some of the bike trails and help with landscaping. 

At Feed My People, we had one group packing oatmeal while the other group helped with warehouse order picking. By the end of the two hours, the team packaged 645 pounds of oatmeal! 

Our team at Hope Gospel helped with grounds work around the building.  

At Junior Achievement, the WIN team worked to unbox kits at one location and transport them to Junior Achievement.   

The WIN Highway group helped clean up the stretch of WIN sponsored highway.  

At the YMCA, the WIN group helped with their big cleanup and throw out project. Some members of the team also had the opportunity to help pull some weeds and further clean up the grounds.  

Our team at the YMCA Sports Center helped with organizing and cleaning sports equipment and other items.  

It was great to see the WIN team come together and support our local community. Not only was the day an opportunity for WIN to make a difference (WIN Way #28), but it also provided to opportunity to intermix departments and individuals within WIN – allowing them to work with team members they may not ordinarily interact with in the office.