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What We Do

Technology Infrastructure Services and Solutions Provider

At WIN Technology, we work with our clients to solve complex technology problems and improve resilience, performance and uptime. Our 20,000+ miles of fiber network allows us to deliver pragmatic, robust solutions that eliminate the friction of dealing with one provider for network connectivity and a different provider for technology infrastructure deployment and managed IT services. 

WIN Technology has over 20,000 miles of fiber optic cable throughout
the Midwest, serving customers in Healthcare, Education, Government, Finance,
Manufacturing and wireless and wholesale carriers

We work closely with our clients to create tailored solutions that align with
their business goals, versus a one-size-fits-all approach

We provide consulting services to help our clients optimally leverage their IT resources. We work to align IT strategies with business objectives. Strategic IT planning creates a roadmap and recommendations to move businesses forward.  

We offer a broad portfolio of managed IT services — with support available 24 hours a day during the week. We solve both familiar and unique business challenges by applying a pragmatic approach to deliver solutions that leverage technology to create business value.  We can also offer project support to implement specific technology solutions while allowing clients’ IT team to focus on their key business applications.


From the LAN network all the way to endpoints, we offer a broad set of solutions that can grow with our clients seamlessly, making it easy to have a single managed services provider for all their IT needs.  

WAN Network Solutions are critical for efficient business operations. We help clients implement the network technology solutions that will best support their communication, collaboration, and data transfer needs.  

No one solution or application protects an organization’s network. That’s why we offer a set of solutions that identify, protect, and respond and recover to threats. Our solutions protect across technology layers, from devices, applications and networks to data and end users.


WIN owns and operates two data centers in Wisconsin that provide a secure space for your equipment.  Both are interconnected by our fiber network with diverse fiber entrances to each center, along diverse fiber routes. We also have presence in 23 additional data centers and 150 POP locations throughout the Midwest. We leverage the convergence of IT Managed Services, our optical network, Internet peering, and on-demand connections to private and public cloud applications.