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Why Choose Ethernet from WIN?

When you choose an Ethernet solution from WIN, your Ethernet is delivered the way you need it. Our Ethernet solution includes up to 200Gbps of data transfer and high bandwidth capable DWDM optical technology. In addition, it is built upon your existing architecture to enable you to manage your applications and meet business requirements.  

Benefits that can support your organization and its goals include:

  • Reduce Security Risks with a solution that is dedicated to your network and more difficult to infiltrate. Additional security features can also be implemented with your Ethernet solution like firewalls and encryption to prevent unauthorized access and eavesdropping.  
  • Improve Productivity with high data transfer rates up to 200 Gbps.
  • Widespread Compatibility supports many devices including computers, printers, switches, routers and more.  
  • Simple and Manageable to control and optimize across multiple locations when using a centralized management tool.
  • Reliable Network Connection with the right network design and redundancy measures in place to minimize downtime.
  • Scale with Business Growth and easily upgrade your bandwidth as your organization and data demands grow.  
  • High-speed Private Connectivity with Low Latency ensures minimal delays during data transmission.  


Frequently Asked Questions

WIN will work closely with you to carefully plan the migration including scheduling downtime during non-critical hours, testing the new Ethernet connections, and providing training for staff, as needed.   

The implementation timeline varies based on the complexity of the network. While there may be some downtime during the transition, we will work with you to minimize disruptions and plan for a smooth migration. 

The cost of Ethernet services can vary based on factors like bandwidth, service type, and location. While there will be initial setup costs, Ethernet services often become more cost-effective as bandwidth requirements increase.  

Yes! WIN’s Ethernet services use and refer to the MEF framework to provide the appropriate level of service to our customers including point-to-point and point-to-multi-point. In addition, WIN employees have completed comprehensive MEF training to expand their capabilities in building Ethernet solutions.

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Working With Us

What to expect from a strategic partnership with WIN Technology

Understanding Fit

Our process is collaborative from the start. As we discuss your expectations, we communicate openly, and we keep the promises we make.

Understanding Needs

Through our discovery process, we seek to build an accurate understanding of your needs so that a sound and mutually understandable promise can be made.

Right-Sizing the Effort

The elements of your proposal are refined as your needs become clear. This ensures alignment on the anticipated value of what we commit to deliver to you.

Proving Competency

As we engage in the project, we monitor and discuss status, performance, changes and improvements through our established delivery and communication practices. 

Partnering for the Future

Throughout our partnership, as we keep the promises we have made to you, we enrich the value of services with a continuous focus on practical next steps.