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IT Maturity Assessment

Is an IT Maturity Assessment Right for You?

When executive leadership is seeking to understand the challenges and opportunities present in their IT organization and environment, an outside perspective can help. IT maturity is a measure of your organization’s capability and competency expressed through its people, processes, data and technologies.

An IT Maturity Assessment could be right for you if:

Your IT organization is not delivering the value you expect

Understand your current level of maturity and gain insights that allow you to prioritize and determine next steps.

You are uncertain that your IT organization is structured to attain the value you need from your technology

Gain insights into the IT spending, budgeting, and structure of your organization through the lens of industry-specific benchmarks.

Your business leaders feel disconnected from your technology activities

Learn if your organization has the adequate level of maturity, processes, functions, and decisions to perform robustly.

You experience disruptions to your business because your technology is not working properly

Move from a reactive to a proactive stance in your IT efforts to replace technology before it fails.

You wish that you had a plan and roadmap to create a path to value in your IT spend

Plan for the availability and limitations of IT resources so that your IT staff can prioritize their time and attention on supporting your organization’s needs. 

Your employees express concern about how their technology is not working for them

Produce the best possible employee and customer experience as they interact with systems to access services and business solutions.


Frequently Asked Questions

Recommendations may include IT infrastructure improvements, changes to processes and procedures, security enhancements, technology upgrades, employee training and skill development, and working to align IT with business goals.  

The assessment findings can help you identify areas for improvement and help you implement changes that enhance employee productivity, security, and business-IT alignment.  

Generally, conducting the assessment every few years or after significant changes to your business strategy or technology is recommended. However, the frequency will depend on your organization’s needs and how quickly your IT environment changes.  

The assessment can serve as a roadmap for your future IT planning and help guide your organization into making informed decisions about technology investments, processes and strategic initiatives.  

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