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VDI Management

Why Choose Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Management from WIN?

VDI Management from WIN is a great solution to improve the consistency and security of an increased number of desktops and company BYOD policies. Whether you are looking to simplify IT or support your growing infrastructure needs, WIN can provide a solution that meets your business needs and provides an exceptional user experience.

Benefits that can support your organization and its goals include:

Empower Remote and Hybrid Users

  • Provide users with easy access to all their files and applications while allowing them to work remotely from anywhere in the world.
  • Enable your team to use their own device while keeping personal data separate from company data.
  • Deliver the right desktop for a specific user or group of users.

Improve IT Staff Efficiencies

  • Streamline IT Administration tasks by making it easy to patch, update and configure all virtual desktops in a system.
  • Reduce IT staff headaches with improved efficiency, security and productivity of hybrid infrastructure.
  • Deploy desktops to hundreds of employees in a matter of minutes.

Enhance Security

  • Store data on secure servers, ensuring that company data is not compromised even when an endpoint device is lost or stolen.
  • Keep company data secure even when users bring their own devices because all data is stored on servers and not on the endpoint.
  • Allow IT to have control over company desktops and prevent unauthorized software or users from entering the environment.

Increase Scalability

  • Support the evolving infrastructure needs of your organization.
  • Use cloud computing to leverage scalable infrastructure, consuming resources only when required by the VDI.
  • Reduce the burden on your IT staff with improved performance and scalability of virtual desktops.


Frequently Asked Questions

The time to implement VDI management depends on various factors including the complexity of your existing infrastructure, the size of your organization, and the scope of the implementation.  

Our onboarding process is intended to set you up for success. We begin the process by setting clear expectations to clearly define partner expectations, the services WIN will provide, and the process we will use to deliver them. 

There are two types of VDI: Persistent Desktops and Non-persistent Desktops. Persistent Desktops give users access to personal settings and provide them with a physical desktop experience, allowing them to customize their virtual desktop and save changes. Non-persistent Desktops revert to their original state at regular intervals, meaning any changes the user makes will not be saved.  

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