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How Co-managed IT Services Can Improve Your IT Team’s Focus

Cybersecurity, compliance, networks, emerging technologies, employee support and more. Business technology is complex and IT teams have their hands full managing every aspect of it.

You may be looking for a way to relieve some pressure AND improve your IT focus. If your IT team feels overwhelmed by all the demands, it’s a good idea to consider the strengths and gaps of your team and where you want to focus. Co-managed IT Services could be a good solution for you.

What are Co-Managed Network Services?

Co-managed IT services combine the hands-on knowledge of an in-house IT team with the experience of a Managed Service Provider (MSP). With a co-managed plan, you can choose which IT projects and tasks to keep in-house and which to outsource. For example, your internal IT staff can focus on larger, long-term initiatives, while your MSP can support your end-users with day-to-day tasks.

How Can Co-Managed IT Services Improve Your IT Focus?

It Leverages Your Strengths
Assess where your team excels and what efforts bring them energy. Focus on building those skills to increase employee satisfaction and retention. With a co-managed solution, your IT staff can leverage best practices and resources of the MSP partner to bring their efforts to the next level.

It Can Help You Fill Your Gaps
No team can do it all, and they’re probably not interested in building every skill set. For instance, you may have strong processes in place for IT infrastructure but have weak help desk support, or vice versa.

Co-managed IT services can leverage the strengths of both your team and the MSP to improve your overall performance.

It Helps You Focus on What Matters Most
Co-managed IT Services allow you to take stock of your IT efforts and how they add value to the business. Are there distractions that are taking the teams’ eyes off key priorities? Once you identify those distractions, your MSP can identify strategies to eliminate them, improve your focus and deliver better results.

You Can Balance and Augment
If there are specific activities that are distracting your team from priorities, or if your team needs support to achieve key projects, consider looking for support outside of the organization.

Below are some additional benefits of co-managed network services that will help you balance and augment your network services:

  • Routine tasks can be outsourced to provide relief to an overworked IT staff
  • You can take advantage of extra IT support for larger projects, such as server or cloud migrations
  • You have access to experienced, highly-specialized IT professionals, which is difficult to find in today’s job market

IT Staff Resource Assessment Worksheet: Is Co-Managed Network Services Right for You?

Every IT team has their own strengths, weaknesses and areas where they would like to focus their energies. Use this IT Staff Resource Assessment Worksheet to identify the infrastructure applications where you excel and potential gaps you might need to fill. You could complete this individually or collaborate with your IT staff as a group.

Ready to Learn More?

You may have questions about finding the right partner to augment your IT staff, tailored to your specific business needs. Whether you’re looking for support on a specific project or implementation, or if you could benefit from a co-managed solution, we have a seasoned IT staff ready to augment your existing IT resources! To learn more, get in touch with us here.