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Hybrid Cloud Services from WIN

Hybrid Cloud is a blend of the Public and Private cloud solutions. It allows organizations to combine the benefits of the two clouds, designing a solution that best meets their needs. For example, an organization may wish to secure sensitive data on the Private Cloud while leveraging the Public Cloud for large workloads and business applications.   

WIN can help you design and implement a custom Hybrid Cloud solution that is adaptable and flexible. If you are looking to digitally transform or transition from one cloud to another, WIN’s Hybrid Cloud solution can help you manage your cloud strategy and integrate your public and private cloud components. 

Benefits of Hybrid Cloud include:

  • Flexibility: Hybrid Cloud enables you to utilize the type of cloud services that work best for your needs.    
  • Optimize costs: Maintaining an internal data center requires a lot of staff time and resources. Your organization may be able to optimize costs by moving non-sensitive data to the Public Cloud.  
  • Meet sudden increases in demand: Run most of your processes in a Private Cloud while using a Public Cloud for extra computing power to handle bursts in your workload.  
  • Enhanced Disaster Recovery: Replicate essential data and applications between the Private and Public Cloud to ensure workloads can quickly move from one to the other in the event of a failure in one cloud environment.


Frequently Asked Questions

Ultimately, workload placement depends on factors such as performance requirements, data sensitivity, compliance regulations and cost considerations. Sensitive and private data is ideal for the private cloud while big data processing and non-sensitive data is a good fit for public cloud environments.  

Costs for a hybrid cloud solution will vary but include both public and private cloud usage charges and the cost of private cloud server infrastructure and maintenance.  

Challenges of hybrid cloud include the complexity of managing multiple cloud environments, ensuring the environment is secure, and monitoring the various resources required to keep each cloud solution running optimally.   

Hybrid cloud is a good fit for organizations that could benefit from the advantages of both public and private cloud solutions. This allows the organization to maintain their sensitive data on the private cloud while leveraging the public cloud for non-sensitive operations.  

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