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Dark Fiber

Is Dark Fiber Right For You?

Dark Fiber is a preferred option for organizations that require ultimate control of their network but cannot lay their own fiber. It does require additional investments in equipment, maintenance, and the expertise to light and manage the fiber.  

Dark Fiber could be right for you if:  

Your organization requires complete control of your data transmission equipment and technologies

Your network team will choose the transmission technology, equipment, and protocols that best align with your requirements. 

You have high bandwidth applications

Organizations with demanding data transmission requirements, such as data centers, cloud service providers, research institutions, and content providers, often utilize dark fiber to meet high bandwidth needs. 

You have strong data security requirements to protect sensitive data

Dark fiber allows your organization to maintain a private and secure network because you can isolate your traffic from shared infrastructure. 

You require minimal delays during data transmission

Dark fiber networks minimize network latency since they are dedicated to a single organization. This is crucial for applications that require low-latency connections, such as financial trading platforms and content delivery networks.

You are in an industry that requires strong regulatory compliance

Dark fiber can meet strong compliance standards regarding data transmission and storage for industries like healthcare and finance. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, dark fiber can be an excellent backup option to your primary network.  

You would need to implement security features, such as encryption and to safeguard the data being transmitted over the fiber. In a dark fiber scenario, the client is responsible for this.  

Networking equipment like optical transceivers and multiplexers is required to light dark fiber.  

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