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Dark Fiber

Why Choose Dark Fiber from WIN?

With over 20,000 miles of fiber throughout the Midwest, WIN offers numerous access points that allow organizations to connect to our dark fiber, while maintaining control over their network infrastructure. There is no need for you to take on the costs of fiber installation and maintenance.  

Optimized Network Performance 

  • Offers businesses full control over their network infrastructure. They can choose the equipment and technologies that best meet their specific requirements.  
  • Results in low-latency connections that are critical for applications that require real-time data transmission, such as financial trading, video streaming, and online gaming. 
  • Provides more reliability due to reduced network congestion and shared infrastructure.  
  • Facilitates efficient communication and collaboration, allowing employees to work more effectively, especially in remote and distributed work environments. 

Minimized Security Risks 

  • Offers a private and secure network for organizations that need to meet regulatory standards and protect sensitive data.  
  • Ensures against disruptions by offering redundancy and backup possibilities. Companies can use it as a failover option in case their primary network experiences disruptions. 

Future-proofed and Scalable  

  • Allows organizations to easily scale network capacity as their business grows. This ensures that they can meet increasing bandwidth demands without needing significant infrastructure overhauls. 
  • Adapts to evolving technologies and growing bandwidth needs, keeping the organization competitive in the long term. 

In-depth Service Description:

  • WIN grants the client an exclusive lease for specific fibers in our cable 
  • OTDR (optical time domain reflectomoter) testing prior to execution to ensure integrity of the cable 
  • Customers may also perform visual inspections of above ground access points and visible WIN Cable construction. 
  • Upon request, WIN can provide record drawings of the cable containing the leased fiber, that contains the technical specifications of the WIN cable, associated splices and other details consistent with industry standards. 
  • WIN maintains the Leased Fiber, performing routine maintenance, emergency maintenance and repair, including any necessary relocation of the fiber. 
  • The client can use a WIN data center to execute use of the dark fiber.  
  • Outside plant (OSP) facilities are periodically inspected, and any discrepancies are submitted for repair. Inspection items include: cable route integrity, condition of equipment, clearance of aerial facilities and construction activity near the cable. 
  • WIN subscribes to “one call” services and will be notified of excavation or digging in the vicinity of the facilities. We follow the guidelines of the state to mark the facilities within the timeline required by law.  
  • WIN responds to any failure, interruption or outage identified by our Network Operations Center within 4 hours of the event and will make reasonable efforts to repair the issue within 8 hours.  
  • WIN will perform splicing of the client’s lateral or other fibers to our Cable at the access point following the fusion splicing method. After splicing and connectivity is achieved, bi-directional span testing can be performed by the client or by WIN, upon request. All splices are protected by heat shrinks and an industry-accepted splice enclosure will be used on all splices. 


Frequently Asked Questions

WIN may be required by law to relocate fibers. In this event, the customer will need to reimburse WIN for the proportionate cost of the relocation, depending on the number of fibers leased on the affected segment. 

The client is responsible for the network equipment to light the fiber, colocation agreements to execute use of fibers, government filings, licenses and other agreements.  

WIN will notify the client 10 days prior to any service-affecting non-emergency cable maintenance. Scheduled maintenance is performed between midnight and 6 a.m. Central time. We will make reasonable efforts to coordinate maintenance with the client. 

The objective loss value of the connector and its associated splice is .5dB or less. The objective for each fiber within a span is an average bi-directional loss of .1 dB or less for each splice.

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Working With Us

What to expect from a strategic partnership with WIN Technology

Understanding Fit

Our process is collaborative from the start. As we discuss your expectations, we communicate openly, and we keep the promises we make.

Understanding Needs

Through our discovery process, we seek to build an accurate understanding of your needs so that a sound and mutually understandable promise can be made.

Right-Sizing the Effort

The elements of your proposal are refined as your needs become clear. This ensures alignment on the anticipated value of what we commit to deliver to you.

Proving Competency

As we engage in the project, we monitor and discuss status, performance, changes and improvements through our established delivery and communication practices. 

Partnering for the Future

Throughout our partnership, as we keep the promises we have made to you, we enrich the value of services with a continuous focus on practical next steps.