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Cybersecurity Awareness Training

How Does Cybersecurity Awareness Training Work?

From a security standpoint, people are every organization’s weakest link. However, if they can identify a malicious attack, people can also be an organization’s greatest asset. It’s important to have a strong defense and create a “human firewall” to guard against cyber threats and any other potentially malicious activity. 

You can educate your people to help them recognize and respond to potential cyber threats, and ultimately instill a culture of security within your organization.  

Elements of the Cybersecurity Awareness Training Process Includes:

  • Identifying training needs and assessing your organization’s cybersecurity risks, the types of threats it faces and knowledge gaps among employees. 
  • Defining objectives and setting clear goals, such as reducing successful phishing attacks, improving incident reporting or increasing password security. 
  • Interactive simulations that provide experience in identifying and avoiding phishing attempts. 
  • Simulated phishing campaigns that track how employees respond to these mock attacks so that results can be the basis for further training. 
  • Promoting and mandating the training program across the organization and emphasizing its importance for both personal and organizational security. 
  • Continuously updating the training content to reflect new threats, technologies and best practices. 
  • Tracking progress by monitoring the completion rates of training modules, quiz scores and improvements in phishing awareness. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, ongoing training ensures your team becomes aware of changing cybersecurity threats. 

The program includes a dashboard that tracks your organization’s risk score, based on metrics such as improved security behaviors and incident reduction. 

Yes, we can tailor the training to your organization, your industry, specific compliance requirements and the roles of employees. 

Mandatory monthly videos and simulated phishing campaigns are among the tools we use.

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