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Optical Wavelengths

Are Optical Wavelengths Right for You?

Your organization could benefit from Optical Wavelengths if:

Network downtime would be highly detrimental to your business operations

With Optical Wavelengths, the client provides the redundancy within their own environment.  The service provider can supply two or more redundant wavelength paths, but then the customer equipment chooses which route to send traffic across adding to the availability of their own circuits.  By integrating these components with direct control by the end user and backup routes from the service provider, you can gain very highly reliable connectivity. Industries that rely on this level of availability include financial services, healthcare and any organization that relies on continuous data transmission.  

Your organization needs to connect to locations across a wide geographical area

Optical signals can degrade over long distances due to dispersion, noise and other factors. DWDM uses techniques to counteract signal distortion to ensure data integrity across longer distances. 

You are in an industry that requires a high level of data security

Data streams are separated by wavelength, adding an extra layer of security. Data breaches or unauthorized access is harder, which is necessary for organizations handling sensitive information.  

You are experiencing an increase in bandwidth intensive applications and heavy data workloads

DWDM networks can support elevated levels of data and keep up with increasing demands. This will result in smoother operations and faster data transfer. Wavelengths are highly scalable and flexible, and it is easy to add more wavelengths and data streams without significant disruption.


Frequently Asked Questions

Many people do not realize that wavelengths don’t care what type of data is transmitted across the network. They are a purely physical connection with no need to know what protocols are being used.  Traffic is transparently passed between the end points of the service. 

End user clients do not need special equipment to take advantage of wavelength services.  Ports on any router or switch can be connected to the Optical Platform operated by the Service Provider. 

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